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ARSENAL #1 (Low res)

Click below to download the debut issue of ARSENAL™, the mature comics anthology for FREE!

Written & Illustrated by Loroko.

Inkwork #1

A collection of thirty one post-apocalyptic  pin ups, Drawn during 2017's Inktober for free. Illustrated by Loroko.

WARNING: NSFW Must be 18+ to Download

Origin of the Kingdom #1

This 24 Hour Comic day one shot was completed in 2014 at Galaxy of Comics in Van Nuys, CA.Written and

Illustrated by Loroko


Black Fly Press

"Black Fly Press is like the record label. ARSENAL™️ is the band. Each issue is an EP.

Each short story is a song. And every song is punk. Short, fast, rough and raw."

Our goal is to create the antithesis of what sits on the shelf of your friendly neighborhood comic book store and deliver it in a way that utilizes technology in order to circumvent the current distribution monopoly.

Black Fly Press™️ is proudly creator-owned and operated out of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, CA. All art is made with ink, the old fashioned way.


ARSENAL™ is a mature comics anthology written and illustrated by Loroko. The four stories featured in the first issue were created over a decade ago, although the art did not begin production until 2017. None of the protagonists in the book are heroes, or even anti-heroes. Their occupations include a Bounty Hunter/Mercenary, a Car Thief, a Survivor and a Dirty Cop. Each of them finding themselves in situations where good and evil is irrelevant and survival is everything.


Each issue is is designed to be a jumping on point, featuring complete chapters per issue as opposed to a segment of an arc but readers who follow along will understand a deeper narrative.


This book is made 100% by hand, the old fashioned way. 18 pages, black & white. Hi Res version also available.


Loroko is the pen name of Juan Carrillo. He writes and illustrates ARSENAL™ and runs Black Fly Press™. Better known for having served the public as a tattoo artist since 2010, he also created and distributed the underground comic “24 Hour Land”. The DIY mentality still resonates in his production of ARSENAL™, creating the entire book with analog techniques as well as self-publishing. He lives in the San Fernando Valley with his wife and a bunch of fucking cats.

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