Art Supply List for Making Comics


You don't need a computer to make comics...

Everything I use to make comics such as ARSENAL™ and Skid™ can be kept in a single drawer. No fancy tablets or software, just simple old school tools such as pencils and ink. You can make comics with much less gear than this, but if you have no clue where to start, you're in luck. This is a full disclosure list of my personal art supplies which after years of trial, error and experimentation.



tools for:

  • Penciling

  • Lettering

  • Inking

Paper: 11x17 Blue Line ART, Ruled Bristol (BL1017)
Ruled and lined at 10x15, full ruler printed in blue line.

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Ticonderoga Erasable: Carmine Red 425T
Red pencil, for preliminary composition layout, sketching and refinement.
Palomino Blackwing Pearl
Fine graphite pencil, for final pencil line work and rendering.
Electronic Sharpener
Battery powered and portable recommended.
General's Kneaded Eraser
Press and lift prior to erasing to remove excess graphite before firm eraser.
Pink Pearl Eraser
Heavy duty eraser.
Factis BM2 Click Eraser
Used to Detailed erasing.
Erasing Shield
For cleaning up geometric shapes, lettering and the finest details.
General's The Miser Pencil Extender
Extends the life of your pencils.

Higgins Black Magic Ink
Economical and waterproof.
Daler Rowney Pro White
Process white- opaque watercolor.
Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bleed Proof White
Bleed proof, good for all papers.
Sharpie Water Based Paint, Extra Fine Point White
Opaque, can be worked over after application.
Pentel Arts- Color Brush Pen Black
For filling in black areas quickly.


    Deleter Nikko No. 357 General Inking.
    Speedball Hunt No. 102 Fine line work and details.

Tachikawa T- 40 Pen Nib Holder
Can hold both Deleter Nikko 357 & Hunt 102.

Faber-Castell, Pitt Artist Pens
Le Pen, Drawing
Alvin TechLiner, Technical Drawing Marker

    .03mm Backgrounds & Misc.
 .05mm Lettering.
 .08mm Speech Ballons & Caption Boxes.

Sakura Pigment Sensei    
    1.0mm Gutters.

Old Toothbrush & Brushes
Great for controlled splatter & patterns.
Clean up & effects.
(2) 4oz Jars filled with Distilled Water
1 Jar for Black ink, 1 for White ink. Distilled water is free of minerals, which can deposit into the ferule of a brush.
#9 Ink cups
Traditionally used for tattooing.


Ames Lettering Guide L666
Set to 3.5.   

Westcott 8ths Beveled Transparent Ruler:
The grid assists in detailed work.
    6 inch
    12 inch
    18 inch

Metal Rulers:
For the most accurate results.
    6 inch
    12 inch
    18 inch

Alvin A1500-18 18" Folding Parallel Rule
Fast Parallel Lines.
French Curve Set